"Cross this river only if you truely worship Pelor with all your heart!" -Demmick The Wise

The Duel of Fates occured when Demmick's distrust in Galbatorix hit a paramount whilst traveling through the Underdark. The fight that followed in the underground river nearly claimed Demmick's life, only saved by the might of the Eye of Vecna and the quick thinking of Jeffery. After becoming imbued with the artifact, Demmick acheived the initiative, and offered a secession of hostilites, Galbitorax knew the odds were not in his favor and agreed to a new leadership. The two warriors proceded to join the party in defeating a nearby Slime Dragon, which was proving difficult without the party's two tank characters. After joining the fight, Demmick climed up the dragon's flesh and used the eye's full unlocked potential to melt the dragon to it's bones, whilst Galbatorix hacked at it from below. 

Shortly thereafter Demmick fainted from overuse of the godly artifact. After a few hours, he woke having fleeting memories of the fight and the eye, he determined that the eye he recieved was in fact an artifact of Vecna and now wears an eyepatch to hide it from others.

The Bard's Song (Incomplete)

Gather 'round here and listen
To the tale of two foes
Will the rat or man triumph?
Nobody knows.

Demmick the wise
And Galbatorix the strong
They are the two subjects
Of their own bloody song

Care not for the outcome
Of this battle hymn
For the victor will reign
And nobody win.