Common KnowledgeEdit

Post ruin
In the west there once was a powerful kingdom whos name is now kept secret that was the apex of magic and knowledge in its prime. They say the people were happy, safe, and never hungry. It was the trade capital of the northern world, wealth from across Titalia and even the different planes traveled threw the kingdom.

Something happened to that city, the rumors of what exactly happened are diverse and unreliable. But the capital city of this kingdom was destroyed, its people butchered by monsters and each other. The sudden blow to the kingdom shattered it and what remains is now known as the Kingdom of Ruin.

Ruin is one of the largest cities known in Titalia, maybe even the world. Its influence on the people for hundreds of miles gives it the title of kingdom, for they dare not attempt independence and they pay their hefty tax as diligently as possible. Because Ruin is a slave city, it is a corrupt city, it is a dark city and it is a deadly city. Unforgiving in its demeanor, any who disobey become slaves and if they are lucky live out the rest of their lives in a fighting arena or labor camp. If they are unlucky they might be sold to some of the worst monsters in the world, and out of it.

Ruin isn't the same city it used to be, its still a trade capital, just a different kind now.
Ruin above ground