Welcome to the You Can Always Roll For It Wiki

This wiki is for the various Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, worlds and characters that have been created in Skarland Hall, UAF.

- DM Hutcheson

What We Do

We are the nerds and geeks of Skarland Hall who play a few friendly games of Dungeons and Dragons on the weekends. We currently have 12 players, two of which are DMs. Three games are played between our occasional movie night or Warhammer 40k game. They seem to all be pretty classic Swords and Sorcery campains, we set them in our own worlds, but they are based in the DnD history as closely as possible, with slight deviations in one of the games. In our libary of Dungeons and Dragons books we have the first and second Players Handbook, Monsters Manual, and Dungeon Masters Guild. Also Player's Options Heros of Shadowfell and Feywild, Manual of Planes, Underdark, Draconomicon, and Open Graves. Even occasionally we use the third Monsters Manual and Players Handbook. One thing we have learned from all the monsters, traps and adventures we have had is this:

You Can Always Roll For It!

- DM Hutcheson