Common KnowledgeEdit


The island in the north called Magrodin is one of the harshest enviroments in Titalia. Its winters are long and dark, and the creatures their have all grown as dangerous as the enviroment they live in. The few people who attempt to make a peaceful living there are grizzled and grim settler, most are killed or forced off the island due to monsters or the barbaric tribes that have effective control of most of Magrodin. 

Nordic pirates
The Barbaric Tribes tend to call upon the Primal Spirits to lead them. The main races of these tribes are Lycanthropes, Shifters and Humans. But Goliaths, Minotaurs, elves and half elves can be found in them. Some tribes build hidden docks in their ice caves, pirating the Ironwrath sea, and raiding costal villages of Elith, Ruin and the Feydrop Isles.


Frostfang is the only permanent civilized city on Magrodin, they say it is protected by powerful magic.