Grief tiefling
Status: Dead
Played by: Scott
Campaign: Nemesis Crown
Race: Tiefling
Class: Warlord


  • Played by Scott in a game in Washington


Grief is a Tiefling Shadow Captain Warlord. He grew up around death, his family died when he was young, and he grew up with his pet dog that was adopted in the ghettos of his home city. He learned to fight and eventually lead the other orphans of the ghettos to unite and as they grew up they became a sizeable gang. One day the opposing gang attacked and wiped out everyone except for him, the spirits of his friends bound themselves to him;he then killed all his enemies with the new power. After that day he renamed himself Grief.

Eventually he came into battle with the Demi-god King Deva, it ended up with him in dungeons of the Imperial City, when he escaped, he came upon the Goliath Fighter named Donarthum, and a Halfling Ranger named Frutiof Brevik. Together they came up with a plan to stop the tyranny of the King Deva. In secret Grief used this to his advantage, and manipulated his other two members of his party to prepare for war. He then made a plan that would not only stop the Council of Races at their mountain stronghold, but kill the High Guard of the King Deva, then using the memories of their bodies to find his weakness.
Mountain city

He learned Planer Portals Magic from an expert at the mountain, and then used the knowledge to make three portals that connected to massive stone tablets in the Elemental Chaos. He then pushed the portals into a vast icy ocean, as they stone tablets sunk deeper into the bottomless darkness, the water pressure pumped entire oceans of ice water into the mountain stronghold. Sense the portals were placed at the top of the mountain, the water rushed down flooding every level. Hundreds of thousands of people from every race were killed in the flood waters. Grief smiled, his plan was going very smoothly.