Common KnowledgeEdit

The Feydrop Isles consist of two main islands, Fairsoul and Silverleaf, named after their capital cities. Fairsoul consists mostly of Eladrin, and Silverleaf mostly of Elves. The two cities have a close alliance but are mostly secluded to the Isles themselves. During Fall and Winter, Fairsoul disappears to the Feywild. Very few know how or why it shifts planes.

Elf city

Rumor has it that Silverleaf has been having political strife, the various parties attempting to gain power for the throne have been steadily getting more ruthless with the rise of the Elith kingdom.

Eladrin and Elf agents from Feydrop have started to be spotted on the mainland wearing symbols of gold oak leaves. The purpose of these agents is unknown, but they are dangerous combatants that will not bargain or compromise to complete their goals.