Demmick Mini
The modified Skaven Warlord miniature used to represent Demmick.
Status: Living
Played by: Nathan
Campaign: Secret of Fate
Race: Cursed Rat (Human)
Class: Paladin
Age: 22
Physical Traits: Looks like a large rat.
"Flee or Perish."
—Demmick after giving in to Vecna's will.

Demmick is a cursed human character who bears the form of a large anthropomorphic rat. Cursed by Vecna at a young age due to a godly conflict between Pelor and Vecna, his physical form slowly changed over a course of weeks to resemble the form it takes today. 

Demmick's spirit was hand-selected by Pelor to become a bastion of his will, thrusting him out of The Shadowfell and onto the mortal plane once more. Vecna's interest in Demmick's spirit caused a godly feud between Pelor and himself, ending in the curse placed upon Demmick's mortal figure.

Demmick is a Lawful Neutral Avenging Paladin in service to Pelor, god of sun and summer. He wields a hammer and shield and wears a Symbol of Battle with Pelor's symbol engraved upon it around his neck. Traveling with him is a normal sized rat named Jeffery, who is Demmick's oldest friend and companion. Demmick is also sporting the Eye of Vecna which was aquired through Jeffery's help. (See: Eye of Vecna (Duel of Fates) )

Demmick's Notable Exploits