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The mortal world is an old and magical place, it rests in the Cosmos of the Planes, in between the unfathomable realms of the Astral Sea and The Elemental Chaos, the origins of creation. Next to it sits the sister worlds of the Shadowfell and Feywild, echos of its darkest, and brightest features. The world is called Abeir Toril in almost all languages, and the magic of its existence is what keeps the mortal world turning.


Written here is a brief summary of known history.

  • Between the Elemental Chaos and the Astral Sea, the primordials form the earth out of raw elements. The gods saw this, and seeing potential in it they begain to change and shape it to what the thought it should be.
  • The Dawn War breaks out between the primordials and the gods to decide how the world should be. The gods win a costly victory after the war is ended by the primal spirits that had risen to protect the natural world. 
  • The Living Gate is broken, the Far Realm begins to seep into the the Cosmos of the Planes.
  • The Abyss is born and demons begin their eternal war. 
  • Ancient empires begin to arise from the primitive races that populate the world, first and among the greatest of these being the Teifling empire of Bael Turath, and the Dragonborn empire of Arkhosia. Both battled against each other to their downfall.
  • The Human empire of Nerath unites the races for a time being and creates one of the largest empires in known history. When it fell, much of its lands divided into smaller kingdoms, but most of it fell into chaos.


Kingdoms Edit